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Room - Emma Donoghue I was a little put off when I first started reading this book, first of all the mixed reviews and two I really do not care to read about violence towards children. I was happily surprised that I was able to adjust to the narrative of a 5 year old, even though there was a few times when it was rather obvious that the author did get off track a bit with the actual comprehension of a 5 year old, such as when Jack made a comment about people "outside" being under stress.

The very beginning made me feel claustrophobic and the thought of being locked up in a room the size of my bedroom for 7 years with only a small child for companionship made me want to go stand outside for a while and breath in some fresh air. Later when Jack escapes and "Old Nick" grabs him up, my heart was actually racing lol.

I think Emma Donoghue did a pretty good job telling what was an absolute horror story into something bearable. 4 stars.