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Progeny - Shawn Hopkins I like weird and unusual stories, and this book fits right in that category. Author Shawn Hopkins has rolled some of my favorites together (ancient Egyptian mythology, the biblical nephilim, and the mysterious Bermuda Triangle) and created at first glance a rather interesting tale. It also looks as if he took the time to do some research into these rather enigmatic subjects.

The first half of the book was not too bad. The writing was ok, nothing special, the characters seemed a bit flat and not real memorable. I also thought the dialogue between the characters seemed forced and unnatural. But I liked the subject matter and plodded on.

Toward the ending, is when I started losing patience. I just wanted to get to the conclusion instead of wrapping up, it just got more tedious and drawn out. There was an over kill of too many biblical and mythological story references. It started to read more like a text book on ancient lore and less like a novel. I felt like the author couldn't make up his mind, did he want a novel or was he writing nonfiction?