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The Tea Rose  - Jennifer Donnelly This was one of those books I had to push myself through. It's not a bad read, as a matter of fact I think it's very good. The writing is wonderful and I absolutely loved the setting. There is all kinds of drama going on and only the first 150 pages were a little slow. I also thought the characters were pretty well developed and likable, but what I didn't like:

I didn't like Fiona's age I felt like her character was much to young to be taken seriously and she spent way to much time crying.
I don't like reading about some ones eye color repeatedly, I get it there blue.
How is it every time Fiona has a problem it always gets conveniently solved, made me want to roll my eyes over and over again, and think to myself not in a million years could this possibly happen.
There wasn't enough history just name dropping of famous people. And because romance is not my favorite genre, I was not all that interested in Fiona and Joes complicated love struggle, which runs through the entire book (that part I can't really blame on the book, I think that has more to do with personal taste.)

I felt like I was in the middle of a soap opera, and a lot of it was to predictable. I believe the words another reviewer said, " It takes a big stretch of the imagination to enjoy this story." I'm in total agreement.