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Zorro - Margaret Sayers Peden, Isabel Allende I absolutely loved Allende's style of writing but sadly I didn't care much for her version of Zorro. The character of Diego de la Vega, I just didn't find all that interesting. He spent way too much time obsessing over Juliana through most of the book and to be honest I got rather tired of it. There was some witty dialogue here and there and I could see this author's ability as a great writer who knows her craft, but for some reason the story was just to bland. It was fun learning about Zorro's background and who would have thought that one of the reasons he wears a mask is to hide his big ears. :)
But I wanted more swashbuckling, more humor and a lot less whining about love. I do plan to read more from this author as other reviewers have remarked that this is not her best work.