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Heidegger's Glasses - Thaisa Frank Lately I've been shying away from World War II books that deal with the holocaust and Nazism, because usually these stories are always so horrific, that it really saddens and depresses me to read them.

After reading the premises of Heidegger's Glasses, I thought this might be an interesting and different view of the war. The book is based loosely on the Reich's obsession with the occult, they decide that all the letters from the dead must be answered to guarantee their war victory.

The book starts each chapter with notes, that I wasn't able to decide was written by the victims or by the Scribes (prisoners) who were ordered to answer them. In any case the notes didn't do much for me, they just seemed like made up nonsense.

I was very disappointed with the cast of characters they were so flat and unbelievable. I'm not sure what Thaisa Frank was aiming for horror, romance, comic relief? This book did not evoke any kind of a normal emotional response out of me, that someone should feel when reading about the holocaust. I actually felt nothing but annoyance and just wanted it to be over with.