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The Circus in Winter - Cathy Day
This book is about the fictional "Great Porter Circus" which was based on the real Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus that had their winter quarters in Peru, Indiana. Its a series of short stories that intertwine with each other across three generations of people who were associated with Porter's Circus.

I found the author's style of writing smooth and flowing and her characters very believable. The mood of the book is on the melancholy side if you have ever experienced an Indiana winter you will understand why the stories have such a bleak tone to them. I thought it to be extremely well written about life in a small town and the daily struggles and desires of the people who lived there. I easily connected with many of Day's characters and was able to truly feel what the characters were feeling.

If your looking for a happy, upbeat read this book is probably not for you but if you have lived long enough to have experienced many of life's winters you will definitely appreciate this writing.