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The Observations - Jane  Harris I really enjoyed "The Observations" the narrator Bessy a young Irish girl forced into prostitution by her mother runs away and is taken in by the "Missus" Arabella Reid and becomes her maid.

The two form a rather bizarre friendship with Bessy obsessively attached to the Missus, understandably considering she was starved for love and affection, something she never received from her own mother and her life of living on the streets. Arabella on the other hand you never really quite understand what is mentally wrong with her.

Bessy while snooping through the Missus's desk discovers a book that Arabella is writing. She learns that Arabella is doing experiments on her servants and recording her findings in her book, "The Observations" and that her last maid Nora has died by mysterious circumstances.

Author Jane Harris leads you on a very intriguing tale of Who-dun-it and why? The story was a real pleasure to read and I adored the Scottish and Irish accents of the character's.