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Pearl of China - Anchee Min This book probably isn't the best choice if your interested in learning more about Pearl S. Buck's early life in China.

First of all the author's style of writing is a bit annoying the putting of words into the character's mouth's instead of letting them think or speak for themselves was rather tiring. And to be honest I didn't care much for the character of "Willow" the fictional friend of Pearl Buck who narrates this story. Off and on through out the whole book her and the other characters just didn't seem believable enough for me. Also as other reviewers mentioned this story seems more about "Willow" with bits and pieces of Pearl S. Buck thrown in.

On the positive side the book does give some historical insights into China's struggle for Christianity and the atrocities of Mao Zedong's policies.

But I still came away feeling like the author could have done a better job.