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Cemetery Girl - David J.  Bell This book turned out to be a great read! I picked it up at the super market a while back thinking it's going to be another disappointment but, "hey!" it turned out to be quite a page turner! This book makes you ask,"how well do we know our children?" as a parent myself its not a comfortable question that's always easy to answer.

I found myself tearing through the pages I felt like Tom the father, I to wanted to know what happened during those missing 4 years. The author teases the heck out of you with little bits of information and false leads. The characters are probably not the kind of people you would want as friends especially "uncle Buster" and I didn't care for "Pastor Chris" either but they all had a believable quality to them.

I absolutely enjoyed the story but was disappointed with the ending I wanted DETAILS of every thing that had happened to Caitlin during her disappearance and the author doesn't reveal them also the dog showing up at the end was a little to sweet to end the story