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"Books and Coffee it doesn't get any better than this..."

Childhood's End - Arthur C. Clarke As a Sci-Fi junkie I had to read this book. In Clarke's world man is now able to travel the entire earth in flying cars but communication is still TV and radio based no one seems to own a computer and people are still reading the newspaper and printed books. (I had to remind myself that this book was written in 1953) He says money is no longer needed and all basic needs are free but he comments that the dog cost a lot.

I really liked the ending though when mankind transforms and joins the Overmind and the feeling of awe, terror and loneliness of the last man Jan who witness's the final end of the earth and sends his report to the Overlords. I also felt sadness for the Overlords that with all their powers and mental capabilities they could not evolve themselves only watch as other races did. A very thought provoking read.