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The Big Five for Life - 2012 Edition - John P. Strelecky I won this on Goodreads give way.

I found this to be a very different kind of leadership book its not a novel and its not a text book. Author John P Strelecky teaches his philosophy of good leadership in a fictional story the 2 main characters are "Joe" who narrates the story and "Thomas Derale" who is the dieing man who built several companies using his philosophy on "The Big Five for Life".

His 3 key points for better leaders are:

1. The Big Five for Life
They are the five thing we want to do or see or
experience before we die.

2. PFE- Purpose for Existing.
A person needs to find their reason for existence.

3. Museum Day
If you were to view your life as a museum what would
be on display.

Basically Thomas says that we should line up our personal lives and our work lives with his Big Five to Life philosophy and we will be much more happier and productive people.

In his book all of Thomas's employees were very happy and he made a lot of money and built many companies. Unfortunately there are no references to any real companies or persons who have used the Big Five to Life to say if its worked for them or not.

I do like his philosophy it gives you something to think about but as to the reality of it being used in a real company I have my doubts.