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From Adam to Noah-The Numbers Game: Why the Genealogy Puzzles of Genesis 5 and 11 Are in the Bible - Leonard Timmons I received this book through Goodreads give away.

I have read many books in the past on this type of subject and found some to be more "flaky" then others but this one was the worst. First of all the author's attitude turned me off he says the Bible is a riddle and a puzzle written in some kind of code only for the person with "insight" he comes across as the first and only person who has had the "insight" to crack its code just to arrogant for me. According to his theories the bible is all about numbers hidden in plain sight and all you have to be is a mathematician to solve it.

To be fair the author has an engineering background so his style of writing is very technical and unless you have a love of solving math equations much of what he tries to convey will be lost.