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You Are Made for More!: How to Become All You Were Created to Be - Lisa Osteen Comes, Joel Osteen First I want to say thank you for the book I won it through GR giveaway.

Last year 2011 a lot of changes happened in my life some I though I really wanted some I didn't want at all. I have always found dealing with any kind of changes extremely difficult even when it meant giving up a bad situation in hopes of a better one.

Lisa Osteen's book really hit home with me I had been living down in the "pit" for quite some time and I felt so "stuck" there. I could not stop looking backwards its true I'm like a person who drives their car in reverse everywhere they go, always looking to the past afraid to see the future.

Page 186 chapter- Finding More When You've been Labeled: God tells us he wants to birth something new in our lives. He says: "From one man, I made every nation of men that they should inhabit the whole earth and I determined the times set for you and the exact places where you should live. I did this so that you would seek me and perhaps reach out for me and find me, though I am not far from each one of you."

Did you hear that? god is near. He has his hand on you. He has placed you at the right time and place. I found her words to be the comfort I needed for awhile.

I think this book is a great inspiration for non Christians and for Christians like myself who get stuck in life's pits and forget that god has given us a manual (the Bible) to help us navigate life's rocky roads and that god has a purpose and a destiny for all of us.