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Moloka'i - Alan Brennert I decided to read this book because it kept appearing on my GR recommendations list and because I had never read a book about Hawaii before.

For the most part I found it an enjoyable and enlightening read even though at times it did feel like it "dragged" on a bit. Rachel Kalama is sent to the Island of Moloka'i at age eight when she is discovered to have Leprosy, the novel covers 60 years of her life there as we watch her grow up and grow old until she is finally "paroled" and allowed to leave the island.

The novel offers a very interesting view of Hawaii in the 1890's the stigma of Leprosy and the hardships the residents of Kalaupapa endured as an isolated Leper colony. The author's style of writing is smooth an not weighed down with overly descriptive passages. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical fiction.